Thank you for volunteering with Team Ortho. We look forward to working with you. Race day and packet pick up shifts will receive additional volunteer information 3-4 days prior -- Stay Posted! All other shifts should plan to report accordingly unless contacted about changes.

Team Ortho Foundation presents...

 Women Rock 2014

 5k, 10k & Half Marathon

Volunteer Registration

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Women Rock Marathon. Volunteer shifts range in length from about 4-6 hours and include pre and post event opportunities for those who wish to volunteer and participate. For a complete listing of opportunities download the PDF on the right hand side.


**All Volunteers earn 1000 bones/hr when volunteering.

[**Look for special shifts that offer DOUBLE BONES**]

**All Volunteers who register for a shift on or before 8/31/14 will receive 2000 Bonus Bones.

**All Course Marshals will receive the official 2013 Women Rock Jacket (women) or the official 2013 Monster Dash Jacket (men)

**All Packet Pick Up Volunteers will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to be used in the Women Rock Store on 9/27/14

**All Race Day Volunteers will receive a pair of Women Rock socks.

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(INCENTIVES DO NOT APPLY TO GROUPS. Contact us at for more info) 

As an incentive to volunteers we are offering our BONES program to volunteers at this event! Every hour of volunteering earns 1000 BONES. BONES can be redeemed for race entries to future Team Ortho races as well as for race gear at our Expo/Store and future events. If you are new to volunteering for Team Ortho be sure to check out our website to find out more about our incentive program.



  • Course Marshals (Meeting Required) Meeting Date:  Wed., 9/10/14 6:30pm @ 3520 So. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60609
  • Vol. Coordinators (Meeting Required)Meeting Date:  Wed., 9/10/14 6:30pm @ 3520 So. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60609
  • Water Stop Captain (Meeting Required) Meeting Date:  Wed., 9/10/14 6:30pm @ 3520 So. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60609


**Volunteers must be registered in our volunteer registration system to receive volunteer incentives

**Volunteers must check in and out to be eligible for volunteer incentives

**Quantities are limited – we will do our best to accommodate all eligible volunteers. 


To Volunteer for Women Rock:

 Be sure to read the Team Ortho Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines. (available to download—see right hand side of page.)When you are ready to register click on the “Register Now link located on the right hand side of this page to begin. You will first be asked to complete a personal profile to establish an online account. Next, you will see a listing of available volunteer opportunities. ***Contact us if you do not have an individual email address to register as a volunteer at

*If you are under 18 years old you will need to have a parent or guardian fill out our consent/permission form. This form is available to download on the right hand side of this page. Volunteers need to be at least 14 years of age to participate as a volunteer for Team Ortho.

Please be sure to complete the entire process until you see a confirmation page. An email will be sent immediately to confirm your volunteer registration on the website and then another email will be sent confirming the volunteer shift(s) you selected. If you do not receive these emails, contact us immediately at

***If you have to cancel or change your shift at any time, please log back into your account and unselect your opportunity. This will open up the opportunity for another volunteer to register.

If you have any additional questions regarding volunteer registration you can download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document found on the right hand side.  Most of the questions will be addressed in that document.

***Team Ortho Foundation and the Women Rock race staff will only use the information obtained on this site for race management purposes. We will not share, trade, sell or give access to your personal information to any other organization without your permission.

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